Encyclopaedia Of Blackberry Fruit 2021: Everything You Need To Know About Their Origin, Use And Cultivation

The blackberries ( Rubus sectio Rubus ) are a section from the extensive and worldwide spread genus Rubus. The section includes several thousand species in Europe alone, more than 2,000 species described. Estimated to be mainly due to their fruits.
The word Blackberry is from the Old High German word brāmberi, thorn bush berry, the thorn bush berry development.
The sour orange is a fruit, bitter orange, also called bitter orange. The fruit is smaller than the orange sweet and rough skin tinged with green or yellow. Its flesh is acidic, slightly juicy, very bitter, and contains many seeds.


The orange flowers are white or pink bitter, larger than those of sweet orange and very fragrant. They bloom in early spring.


The fruit is mostly used cooked or canned ( jam, syrup, marmalade ). The marmalade orange is made only from the bitter orange, not the sweet orange.

Distribution area

The blackberry is in the temperate zones of Europe, North Africa, Western Asia and North America is home. It prefers sunny to partially shaded locations, such as open woods or the edges, with lime-and nitrogen-rich soils.


Blackberries are climbing plants ( twine ) and between 0.5 and 3 meters high, the stems are more or less depending on the variety prickly and become woody with time. The spines of the plant are used as a climbing aid and corrosion protection. At the shoots, the plant forms the sitting alternate odd three-, five and siebenzählig feathered, toothed leaves that are shed in autumn is not.
Only in the second year the plant forms, the individual impulses emanating from, special side shoots, in the end, the inflorescences are. Between June and August are the mostly white, rarely pink flowers from. Each flower has five cups – and petals and more than 20 dust – and carpels. The receptacle to bulge. After the fruit ripening dies from the shoots.
The blue-black fruits are botanically not berries, but collecting stone fruits, from the individual carpels form: Each of its small individual berries in the construction of stone fruit (eg, cherry ) are equal and, like them, a thin outer skin. Unlike the raspberry is the fruit firmly attached to the receptacle. The fruits are juicy and tasty and can be collected through October of July.


The great abundance of blackberries form based on their particular reproductive conditions. With occasional intersections, stable hybrids emerge, the seeds develop without fertilization ( apomixis ). With this type of hybrid plants, the reproductive characteristics of the shared identical ( clones ).
However, it is still pollination necessary, although the egg is not fertilized, but another cell, which then what is the embryo in the seed endosperm forms necessary. In the case of Germany occurring in blueberry are two ways to ensure stable clones that arose a long time ago.
In addition, vegetative propagation occurs in the wild on slopes and offshoots.


In the growing breeds are usually at spineless blackberries preferred. You need a trellis to grow vigorously to keep her manageable. Planting distance m is at least 2-3 important. Furthermore, regular pruning and removing suckers necessary to prevent scrub formation. After harvesting, the ablated rods at the bottom cut off and shoots on 3-5 shoots per plant reduced new.

Use of Blackberries Fruit

Blackberries are eaten fresh as a cake covering and for the preparation of jam, jelly, and juice suitable. The fresh fruit can also by freezing preserved.

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