Growing Tomatoes Tips: Gardening Guide for Beginners 2022

Many gardeners enjoy growing tomatoes using seedlings for many reasons. However, the primary reason is that they see quicker results. You will be very limited on your choice of tomato varieties found in these seedlings that you are able to buy from your local nursery or possible websites online. On the other hand, when you plant tomatoes using seeds, you have numerous choices. Below are some important tips that once you understand them you will always know how you grow tomatoes from seeds.

First things first, you need to think about which type you wish to grow. When your starting from seed, Starting them off indoors is very important, normally 6-8 weeks prior to the last frost. Depending on where you live, will determine when this will be. Knowing the date far in advance of planting, will give you that extra helping hand as you’re able to prepare.

Another important element when you grow tomatoes from seeds is the planting medium you use that needs to be sterile, so it protects them from diseases. There are various kinds of medium, so be sure that the one you choose is ideal for the germination of your seeds. You can mix up you own, if you prefer using peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite. When choosing a pre-mixed growing medium, it should not contain too much fertilizer, as this could hurt more than help the seeds. Vegetable gardening using seeds to start plants is a delicate process.

Choosing the right seeds is also an important step, because you need to make sure they are fresh. It helps if the seeds are no more than 4 weeks old. The speed at which your seeds germinate at will depend on how old they are.

Having seed-starter trays will make things a lot easier but some people would rather use pots. There is nothing wrong with using pots but I tend to use trays. If you do want to use small pots, you need to check they have the correct drainage. Before you start to plant I recommend you wash your trays or pots, using a 10% bleach solution. You need to remember to rinse thoroughly after.

After everything has been done and your ready to start planting, there is a few things which you need to keep in mind. You need to place the seed about one-fifth inch deep in the medium, followed by watering before placing the tray or pot somewhere warm within your house. You don’t want the tray or pot in direct sunlight yet, not until your seed starts to sprout. After they’ve started to sprout the sunlight will increase further growth.

Understanding how essential these five tips are will help you grow healthier seedlings. Remember, that making the choice to grow tomatoes from seeds offers you a greater variety for your harvest. You will be able to grow many kinds of different types of tomatoes.

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