How to Make Apple Cider From Apple Juice (Fall Easy Recipe)?

On Monday, I used the juice that was squeezed from our apple trees to make a batch of cider. It is still fermenting away in the kitchen, and the bubbling is so intense that apple stuff is beginning to seep into the air lock!

I have the recipe written down below. The only difference is that I used a metric ton extra sugar in the recipe in order to get the maximum amount of alcohol feasible. I’m aiming for an alcohol content of around 14 percent. A cider with such a high alcohol content would, of course, have an absolutely repulsive flavor, but I’m going to distill the brew using the 5-liter pot still that I have so that I may make apple spirit. Get drunk and make a fool of yourself! I will share my findings with you. Apple juice, sugar, and wine yeast are the three primary ingredients required to concoct this beverage.

Recipe for Peter Laycock’s Simple Cider (to create 4.5 liters).

I found that adding the petals of a fragrant, fully opened rose, gathered on a nice sunny day, may be added around day 4, bringing a little nuance to the perfume and flavor. This cider is extremely simple to make, has a somewhat acidic taste, and is very easy to adjust and modify as needed.


4 liters of apple juice (the kind sold in supermarkets; it should not have any added sugar or chemicals, and you should steer clear of brands whose names include the word “drink”).

50g sugar (see Notes below)

Pectic enzyme, 5 grams (1 teaspoon)

** Yeast nutrition, 2.5 grams (half a teaspoon)

Yeast for wine (white Champagne is best but any will do, even red)

1) Pour one liter of apple juice into a demijohn. After dissolving the sugar in a minimal quantity of warm water (no more than 250 milliliters), add it to the demijohn along with the pectic enzyme and yeast. Nutrients do not need to be added since the juice should already have enough.

2) After one day, add one liter of apple juice, and do this again on days three and four. Even while it is possible to add all of the juice on day one, doing so gradually results in a more flavorful final product. (For further information, please see AWARD WINNING WINES by Bill Smith – Nexus Special Interests.)

3) On the last day, bring the total to roughly 4.7 liters (this allows for wastage).

4) Place on a rack when you are done.

5) Bottle in plastic “pop” bottles with one rounded teaspoon of sugar per 500 milliliters, and store the bottles at a warm temperature for a few days so that the secondary fermentation may make the bottles “fat.”

6) Before tasting, make sure it has been stored in a cold place for at least a month.

Notes: This cider would normally have an O.G. of somewhere about 1040 and an F.G. of 1000, which would result in an alcohol by volume (ABV) of around 5.8 percent (with the priming sugar) and an acidity level of 0.74 percent. It is possible to make cider with less acidity by decreasing the amount of apple juice used to 3 liters and increasing the amount of sugar to 150 grams.

You may make versions that are stronger by adding more sugar during the first step; around 0.5 percent more alcohol is produced for every additional 50 grams of sugar; nevertheless, you should not trade quality for alcoholic strength.

This working yeast can then be equally divided between the wine and the cider, preferably after a further 30 minutes to an hour has passed. In general, I make cider at the same time that I make wine. To do so, I re-hydrate the wine yeast in a small amount of water according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer; then, I add an equal quantity of apple juice after 15 minutes and again after an hour (not at all critical).

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