How to Select Tomato Seeds: Guide According to Your Ideal Taste 2022

Tomato Seeds- there are a huge variety of tomato seeds to choose from I have put a selection here with links so you can buy them.

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Fits perfectly – I had to plant 90 tomato plants in my greenhouse so I thought I would try to grow these from seeds. I spread the seeds on a tray and let them grow, watering every other day, then transferred after 2 weeks. They’re growing very well and appear to be actual tomato plants. Great value for the money! ‘

Tomato Black Cherry x 20 seeds

This heavy cropping cordon is everyone’s favorite, producing seemingly endless bunches of smallish, ultra-sweet fruits, which resemble dark cherries and which have a very rich flavor. A current favorite in up-market shops.

Tomato Tumbling Tom Yellow x 20 seeds

An exciting plant with rich, golden, apricot-coloured fruit growing on compact pendulous trusses. It is best grown in a hanging basket or tall container when its cascading fruit can be ornamental as well as being sweet and tasty to eat. (Bush)

Tomato seeds SunStream Strawberry Shape mini plum with an amazing flavor 20 seeds per pack

  • Sunstream tomatoes grow on long vines
  • Mini Plum sweet variety grow worldwide
  • Outstandingly tasty tomato sweet and very aromatic
  • good in salads and sandwiches
  • ideal for the newbie or more advanced grower

Sunstream mini plum vine tomatoes in pack of 20

Pink Jester Tomato seeds. Extra special dark red medium-sized cherry with sweet and deep tomato flavor and strong aroma.

  • Extra Special Hard to find seed variety
  • Exclusive SaunderSeeds Special edition for this year
  • Produces a tomato with both an intense sweet flavour and strong aroma
  • Superb for entertaining guests who just will not bieleve how nice your tomatoes are!
  • Easy to grow in the greenhouse or outdoors in hot summer months

Pink Jester Tomato seeds pack of 10

Tomato Gardeners Delight

  • Tomato : Gardeners Delight
  • Vegetable
  • Approximately 65 seeds per packet.
  • Cropping: 65 Days

Cordon (Indeterminate). The true tangy flavour of tomatoes of a century or more ago. If you are of the opinion tomatoes have lost their flavour then Tomato Gardener’s Delight is a must for you. It is a greenhouse or outdoor type, packed with bite-size fru

SUTTONS SEEDS: Tomato Faworyt (50 seeds)

  • Beefsteak variety. Top in our taste tests
  • Greenhouse variety
  • Sow February/April under glass 18-21°C (65-70°F)
  • 16-18 weeks maturity
  • HEALTH BENEFIT – Packed with antioxidants including vitamins A and C and lycopene

A compact-growing beefsteak variety that performed marvellously in our trials, producing large fruit up to 0.4 kg (14 oz) in weight. The pink flesh is particularly delicious and contains few seeds.

SUTTONS SEEDS: The Italian Tomato Collection (seeds)

  • 4 Varieties of Tomato and one of Sweet Basil for greenhouse or sunny patio
  • CILIEGIA – Masses of bite-sized fruit
  • SAN MARZANO 2 – Delicious ‘meaty’ taste, for cooking or sauce-making
  • COSTOLUTO FIORENTINO – Heavy crops of flavoursome fruit
  • CUOR DI BUE – A large slicing variety, very tasty with Mozzarella

Enjoy that authentic Italian taste…four scrumptious varieties for a greenhouse or sunny patio, plus tasty basil too! Varieties included: CILIEGIA – Masses of bite-sized fruit; SAN MARZANO 2 – Delicious ‘meaty’ taste, for cooking or sauce-making; COS

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SUTTONS SEEDS: Tomato Ailsa Craig Seeds (75 seeds)

  • Produces fruit of a medium size.

Medium-sized fruits of good flavour.

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