Introduction To Types Of Tomatoes: The Tomato Species Chart 2021

  • Salad Tomato– These are the ones you see all the time in the local supermarket they tend to be the size of a golf ball great for salads, salsas, etc
  • Beefsteak Tomatoes – The largest of the tomato family, great if you need to slice them for sandwiches or to stuff.
  • Cherry Tomatoes – The smallest and the sweetest tomatoes. They are lovely in salads or just eating as a snack.
  • Plum Tomatoes – These are high in juice and don’t tend to have so many seeds, they are great for cooking with pasta sauces and adding to casseroles.

There are many different types of tomatoes to choose from when you first start out and it can be confusing, what is the difference between a determinate and indeterminate

  • Determinate – Bush plant
  • Indeterminate – Tall vine-like plant
  • Semi – determinate – Between the two part bush part vine

Here are a few classic types of tomatoes  which give good yields and taste good too. Many modern hybrids have been developed to be resistant to certain diseases which are really useful if you are a first time tomato grower as you don’t want to be struck down by a nasty bug just as you are finally reaping your reward from all your hard work.

Tomato Varieties

Ailsa Craig 

– Indeterminate
This plant crops in approx 68 days

It produces medium size mid red fruits they are versatile and can be grown indoors or out. This one is a definite old favourite which has exceptional flavour reliable


This crops in 68 days

It is a medium sized red fruit it crops early in the season and is resistant to green back. It has a sumptuous flavour and these can be grown outdoors can be grown outdoors. They are not hardy though so do not plant out till last frost may or early June.

Black Russian

 – Indeterminate.
This plant crops in approx 67-72 days.

It is a lovely large beefsteak purplish black streaked with red tomato. It has a wonderful flavour and they can be oddly shaped but that just adds to their charm.

Black Krim

 – Indeterminate. –
This plant crops in approx 80 days.

It is a heritage black variety tomato which is much like the Black Russian with its very dark skin but with a reddish glow about it. It is primarily one grown in the greenhouse although it is ok in a warm spot in the garden. These large fruit have a rich sweet flavour and are very juicy.


– Indeterminate
This plant crops in approx 80-90 days.

It is a heritage tomato which dates back to the 1800’s it is often referred to as one of the best beefsteak tomatoes going. The tomatoes are large  with light pink to red fruits with delicious flavour, so they will need to be well supported as they grow.

Gardeners delight 

– Indeterminate
They crop in approx 65 days

They are a bit larger than cherry red  toms and are the true flavour of what we remember as kids as the true flavour of tomatoes, tangy and sweet. They can be grown as an outside plant or in the greenhouse.


– Semi -determinate
This plant crops in approx 70 days

Irregularly large shaped brilliant red fruits but big on flavour with a delicious slightly tart taste They are an old French Heritage tomato which is very popular. They require a lot of support due to the sheer weight of the fruits. A great one for slicing and putting in your sandwiches they hang out of all sides!


 – Indeterminate.
They crop in approx 60 days

It has been accused of being a bit bland, which I think is unfair it may not the best taste red tomato but it is still tasty and it is prolific. For many this is the gardener’s standard choice as it is a heavy cropper of fine tasty fruits.

Red Alert

This crops in approx 58 days .

It is a lovely rich red smaller sized fruit but with excellent flavour, they are easy to grow and because it is early maturing blight hasn’t got a chance to get it

Roma VF 

– Semi determinate
This plant crops in approx 70 days

This can be grown inside or out and is a lovely glorious red plum shaped fruit. It is a heavy cropping plant and is quite disease resistant. It is a virtually seedless fruit which is great for sauces

Sungold  F1 

–  Indeterminate.
They crop in approx 60 days

This plant grows well outdoors, the small fruits are an orange/yellow fruit which is extraordinarily sweet and a good rival to gardeners delight. It is resistant to the tobacco virus.


 – Indeterminate
This plant crops in approx 60 days

This is a wonderfully attractive medium sized fruit which brightens up salad dishes it is red with orange stripes -It has a brilliant flavour Produces fruit early in the season. It is heavy cropping and it can be easily grown outside or in the greenhouse.

Tumbling tom red or yellow

 – Determinate
This plant crops in approx 60 days

As you would guess these types of tomatoes come as both a rosy red or golden yellow depending on which tomato seeds you choose. They are great for baskets and containers from which they will tumble. The plants produce lots of sweet, cherry fruits. Indoor crops can be as early as January through to March and for outdoor crops: March to April.

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