The Apple Fruit’s Role In History And Culture 2022: Varieties And Cooking Purposes


Apple is a domesticated species of the family Rosaceae and is one of the most cultivated fruit trees. Previously the species was wild forms have played a major role in the development of the apple, but now is considered a different species, Apple from Central Asia has played a major role and maintain life. World’s best apple is found in the Western part of Pakistan.


Blooming Apple TreeApples on an Apple tree Already in prehistoric times, there were both wild and cultivated apple trees in Europe. It has been discovered in southern and central European lakes using wild apples and hid them, cut lengthwise and dried, for winter storage. Wild apples are useful for apple wine (cider). In England, 50 000 barrels of cider in a year derived from wild apples on an area of 150 square kilometers.
The apple tree wood is good for wood carvings. It is hard and tough, has a nice surface, and pale brown or yellowish color.


Most trees have been grafted to a rootstock of another variety, called a rootstock. When you grow apples, it is important what rootstock the tree was. Root characteristics affect the apple tree’s appearance and several other important features.
Wild apple trees on their own roots are often around 10 meters high. To get a smaller tree, you can graft it on a low-growing rootstock, such as rootstock M9. The pre-adult tree will then be about 3-4 meters high.
The type of rootstock effects also includes the amount of fruit, hardiness, time of invintrande. The plant stores usually sell apple trees are grafted on the A2 or the slightly newer B9


Apples are fist-sized and sweet (sour occur), usually red, yellow, or green fake fruit that is eaten all over the world. They can be eaten both raw and cooked.  From where the apple will, or when you began to eat it is unknown. However, there is evidence that the grafting of apples has been at least 2,000 years. The oldest variety descriptions of apples in Europe comes from a British monastery year in 1204.  Europeans brought the apple to its colonies, such as Australia and America.
Sweden has found a charred apple during excavations in Alvastra close to Omberg in West Yorkshire which is dated to 2500 years f.Kr. During the Vikings ate too much apple. In Cajsa Warg’s cookbook from 1755, there is a recipe for Scanian apple cake with apple sauce.

People eat more often than not cores, the so-called apple core.  There are about 7,000 apple varieties in the world which are often divided into “summer apple”, for example Gyllenkroken Astrakhan, Sylvia, Gladstone and Transparent Blanc should be eaten directly, autumn apples can be stored a few weeks, for example, lobo and winter apples can be stored for several months, for example, Ingrid Marie . In Sweden, the most widely grown varieties Aroma , ‘Ingrid Marie’ and Cox’s Orange , ordinary imported varieties are ‘ Braeburn ‘, Elstar, Holsteiner Cox,’ Jona Gold , Jonagored, ‘Gala’, ‘ Pink Lady ‘, Granny Smith,’ Golden Delicious ‘and’ Red Delicious ‘. In Sweden ‘s apple orchards frequently include in Skåne. Apples grow on apple tree, also called the Crab Apple.
Apples that have been prop is often poor for someone today. In undamaged can handle themselves for months at the correct temperature.
If you bite off a piece of an apple and let it lie for a while becomes flesh brownish. This comes from the fact that apples contain phenols which are oxidized. This can be prevented if an antioxidant such as ascorbic acid , cover the surface.
Apples have long been considered beneficial. In Britain reads an old saying An apple a day Keeps the Doctor Away. During the 1950s, coined in Sweden the concept of brushing teeth every morning and evening – eat like an apple but not sweet. Apples, especially apple peel, contains flavonoids , potassium , and plenty of vitamin C .
Already in the writings from Babylon, which was created 800 years before Christ becomes the apple of medicinal herbs . The same applies to dissertations from the Middle Ages . The apple varieties used in these times was probably a different flavor than today’s apple varieties, they were usually sourish, heavier and had larger amount of tannic acid . Sometimes you can not reveal what the ancient writings, was referring to. But as an example, apple with skin is a laxative and can kill certain harmful bacteria.

Apple for different purposes

You can eat apples raw or in salads or cooked, such as pie or cake, or that must or cider, which is a commodity.
A COOKER or cooking apple is an apple that is not primarily eaten fresh but is used for pies, puddings, and more. COOKER often has a stronger flavor than other apples. Bramley , Wellington and Belle de Boskoop is well known matäpplesorter. Apple intended to make baked apples to be able to withstand heat without collapsing.
An EATER is an apple that is intended to be eaten fresh, without cooking. Older definitions of these apples, apple table or dessert apple.
Apple cider is often high in sugar and high tannin. In Sweden, there is hardly any cider production. Cider apple contains about five times more procyanidins than “ordinary” apples. This gives a bitter taste to the cider. However, it is impossible for the apples to ferment themselves, but they require help from another source.

The apple in culture

The apple appears in the culture of nearly all Eurasian populations. It is used as a symbol of love, sexuality, fertility, life in general, awareness, and wealth. The fruit appears in several tales, mythology, and ritual.
As a symbol of love and sexuality is the apple a characteristic subject to goddesses of beauty, such as Istar in Mesopotamian mythology, Aphrodite in Greek mythology, and Idun, the Norse mythology.
The Bible speaks of only one fruit on the tree of knowledge in the first Exodus. In art, however, this fruit often portrayed as just an apple and hence is the perception that the apple is a biblical symbol of temptation, see the tree of knowledge.
The apple is also in connection with the harvest, thus with wealth and power. An example that clarifies this relationship is nationwide apple. In this sense, there are apples in the saga Frau Holle. The two sisters meet separately on the way to the wife was an apple tree with a human voice asks: ” Shake me and pick my ripe apples! ” The lazy girl goes right past and therefore loses to end the reward with gold.
The apple was also a symbol of disputes. The foremost example is the golden apple bearing the words Kallisti – the most beautiful as the goddess Eris threw the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. Paris gives Aphrodite the apple, which was the cause of the Trojan War

the tree is relatively small, approximately 5-12 m tall, with a richly-branched crown. It was screened in May and June of white or pink flowers. The apple tree PERIANTH, especially the crown, has the same form as in wild, single roses, that is 5-free, uniform, sessile petals reverse ovate shape. Rosblommiga plants are clearly different Ranunculaceae through the disc equal distribution of floral axis, with a small gap between the stamens and pistils stronghold.
In Sweden, there are two apple varieties listed in our wild flora: wild forms and apple tree or apple. Appletree derived originally from Malus sieversii still grows wild in Central Asia’s mountain regions. When and how the apple tree came to Sweden we do not know, maybe by people who were immigrants.
It used to be apple varieties are often named after the external and internal characteristics that edge apple, a glass of apple, grape apple, and apple iron.
The wild apple tree found in the Nordic countries rather general in lövdungar and pastures in southern and central Sweden and Norway and southwestern Finland. It is also available at forest hills throughout Europe and North Asia. One can distinguish varieties of bald and with gråludna leaves and fruit subjects.
The apple trees are clear examples of the great change and rich shape transition for domestication (cultivation) that may result in a plant species. The wild forms are often tall trees (up to 10 m) with some twigs trained to sharp rises. Vildaplarna is often a large part of the thorn-bushes, which thrive in dry places in the groves and forests, protected as its armament is against the man and the larger animal attacks. Although wild apples are thus difficult to access, as long as they remain attached to the tree. The wild fruits are also available as ripe for the harsh and bitter for people to want to eat them. But there are some omnivorous animals that eat the fruits that fall to the ground, such as wild boar, badger, and crow. Compare these wild apple trees with the low, bushy branched apple trees in an orchard and their juicy apples with their fresh acidity and a pleasant fragrance. In Sweden and Finland are harvested mature garden apples up to 63 ° north latitude and in Norway even further north.

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