7 Tips For Growing Organic Tomatoes: Against The Elements 2022

It is spring and now our harsh winter is finally over it is time to start planting those organic tomatoes just in time for summer. It doesn’t matter if you intent planting hybrid or heritage tomato plants, you should be ready to start as soon as the temperatures are warm and stable enough for the organic tomatoes to thrive.

So here are my top 7 tips for growing organic tomatoes


Keep an eye on the temperature which in this day and age is simple. Either go online and get an up to date reading or I use my iPod and have downloaded an app to do this. Make sure you don’t plant out until the temperatures are above 10 degrees

The temperature of the Soil

Make sure your soil is above 12 degrees before planting. I don’t often plant my tomatoes before May in the UK

Warming the soil

If you want to speed up the process of warming the soil then you can cover your beds with clear or black plastic about a week before planting

Separate your organic tomato plants

Organic Tomatoes like to be about 3 feet apart allowing the roots to spread out and make sure you plant your tomato plant in a deep enough hole. If they are a bit leggy don’t forget you can bury them deep to encourage good strong stems.

Feeding & Watering

Put a cup of organic fertiliser such as bone meal before you plant in your carefully prepared soil. Giving the soil a good soaking before planting helps with root expansion. Organic tomatoes need the same love and care as other tomatoes and regular feeding with a good comfrey fertilizer.

Pest & Insect Control

To keep pests away companion plant bulbs of garlic around the area as the little critters hate the smell. French Marigolds are good too-  Did you know that you can buy ladybugs for your garden. They eat many of the insects that would just love to eat your plants

The best tip of all I can give you is to have fun growing organic tomatoes. It is undoubtedly harder work but the rewards are justifiable no chemicals in your tomatoes. Enjoy being in the garden, the sun, the sounds of summer, and the exercise and you will have a bumper crop of tomatoes this summer.

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