Try Planting Tomato Upside Down: Say Goodbye to All Stacking & Weeding 2022

Can you imagine what an upside down tomato is? I imagine it as what happens after a freak storm has hit my garden and I find all of my tomatoes all over the place.

Upside Down Tomato Planter

It is amazing that gardeners have come up with a way of producing tomatoes that are upside down and you may be interested to learn that there are some advantages to this madness as well.

You will Need

  • A sturdy (at least 10 inch across ) container
  • Rope or Chain
  • A drill/ stanley knief
  • Landscape fabric

Benifits โ€“ Traditional growing of tomatoes requires maintenance with proper support required such as Tomato Cages. You will also be  weeding regularly and attentive  to make sure the fruits donโ€™t rot. If you are going to grow upside down tomatoes then you donโ€™t have to worry so much about caring for the plants regarding staking and weeding.They can be grown hanging from your patio, or froma strudy post.  You can think of it as rather like planting tiny toms in a hanging basket but on a larger scale. This is great if you are like me and love just going outside of the kitchen and picking the tomatoes and eating like sweets.

How do you grow Upside Down Tomatoes?

You can buy specially designed pots for this but if you feel adventurous you can DIY it .

To grow upside down tomatoes you must select a properly sturdy container for it.

1. You can save money if you spend a bit of time creating your own container. What you do, is buy a thick quality container that is about 12 inches thick in diameter. Drill a large hole at the bottom of the pot using an ordinary home electric drill. The hole should be where the upside down tomatoes protrude in the bottom of the container. You should also drill three smaller holes on the side of the pot for the ropes you will use to hang the tomatoes.

2. Place landscaping fabric at the bottom of the pot so as nothing gets washed away when you water the plants or during a rain storm. Make sure you cut a hole at the center of the fabric. This should match the expansion of the root ball. Place the fabric so that it lines up with the hole in the pot.

3. The next step is to plant the tomato plant by putting it through the hole of the container where you have made the cut. You might need to ask for some assistance in holding the pot when you are doing this or you could find a place to hang it. As with any new plant that you are potting, make sure that you add some potting mixture so that the plant will be healthy.

4. Hang the pot with the tomato plant in an upside down position. If you are using a home made container then you can tie the ropes from the sides of the container. Remember to give the new plants a good watering, make sure they have plenty of sunlight and use the same processes that you do to grow and feed tomatoes in a traditional way.

Growing upside-down tomatoes stops you from having to worry about poor garden soil or having enough garden space and if you live in a flat or apartment. You can even hang them on the balcony which is really convenient and will look really nice when the plant is bearing its succulent fruits.

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