Various Types of Tomatoes: Choosing Best Tasting & Popular Ones 2022

  • The tomatoes that are sold as salad tomatoes are typically around the size of a golf ball and are ideal for use in dishes such as salads, salsas, and other similar preparations.
  • The beefsteak tomato is the biggest member of the tomato family and is perfect for slicing when used for making sandwiches or stuffing other foods.
  • Cherry tomatoes are the tiniest and tastiest kind of tomato there is. They are delicious whether added to salads or eaten on their own as a snack.
  • Plum Tomatoes are ideal for making sauces for pasta and adding to casseroles since they have a high concentration of liquid and a lower seed count than other types of tomatoes. Plum tomatoes can be found in most grocery stores.

When you are first starting out, there are many different kinds of tomatoes from which to pick, and it may be difficult to understand the distinctions between them. For example, what is the difference between a determinate and an indeterminate tomato plant?

  • Determinate – Bush plant
  • Indeterminate — Tall vine-like plant
  • Semi-determinate – Between the two-part bush part vine

Here are several tried-and-true varieties of tomatoes that are known for their high yields as well as their delicious flavor. There are a lot of current hybrids that have been engineered to be resistant to specific illnesses. This is very helpful if it is your first time growing tomatoes since you don’t want to be stricken down by a terrible bug just as you are finally starting to enjoy the fruits of all your labor.

Tomato Varieties

Ailsa Craig

This plant matures into fruit in around 68 days.

It bears fruits of medium size and a medium red color; these fruits are adaptable and may be grown either inside or outdoors. This is a tried-and-true old favorite that never disappoints in terms of flavor and consistency.



This yield results in 68 days.

It is a fruit that is resistant to greenback disease and is a medium-sized red fruit. It crops early in the season. It has a flavor that can only be described as delicious, and it can be cultivated outside in the fresh air. However, since they are not frost-resistant, you should wait to plant them until the end of May or the beginning of June.

Black Russian

– The Variant Is Unknown.

This plant matures its harvest in around 67 to 72 days.

It is a beautiful huge beefsteak that has a purplish-black color with crimson tomato streaks. It has a beautiful flavor, and the form may be peculiar at times, but it just adds to the allure of the product.

Black Krim

– Indeterminate. –
This plant matures its fruit after around 80 days.

It is a heritage black variety tomato that resembles the Black Russian in that it has a very dark exterior, but its flesh has a pinkish-red glow about it. This tomato is also black. It is one that is cultivated in the greenhouse the majority of the time, despite the fact that it can survive in a warm place in the garden. These huge fruits have a flavor that is deep and sweet, and they are quite juicy.


– Indeterminate

This plant matures its fruit in around 80–90 days.

It is a legacy tomato that has been around since the 1800s, and it is often mentioned when discussing the topic of the greatest beefsteak tomatoes now available. Because the tomatoes are so enormous and may range in color from a light pink to a deep red, and because their flavor is so delectable, the plants will need sturdy support as they continue to develop.

Gardeners pleasure

– Indeterminate

They reach maturity in around 65 days.

They are a little bit bigger than cherry red toms and have the authentic flavor of tomatoes that we remember from when we were children, which is a flavor that is both sour and sweet. They are a plant that may be cultivated either in the open air or in a greenhouse.


– Semi-determinate

This plant will produce fruit in around 70 days.

Large, irregularly shaped, brilliantly crimson fruits that are low in quantity but high in flavor, with a deliciously sweet and somewhat sour taste. They are an old French Heritage tomato that have gained a lot of popularity over the years. Because of the tremendous weight of the fruits, they call for a great deal of support. One that works especially well for slicing and placing in sandwiches so that the pieces dangle out on all sides.


– Indeterminate.

They bear fruit in around sixty days.

It has been said that it lacks flavor, which I believe to be an unjust criticism since although it may not have the finest flavor of any red tomato, it is still excellent and it produces a lot of fruit. Because it produces such a high yield of delicious fruits in such quantity, this variety is often the go-to option for gardeners.

Red Alert!


This crop will be ready in about 58 days.

They are simple to cultivate, and since the fruit matures so quickly, blight doesn’t have a chance to infect it. The fruit has a gorgeous deep red color and is of a smaller size, but it has an outstanding flavor.

Roma VF

– Semi-determinate

This plant will produce fruit in around 70 days.

This fruit, which comes in the form of plum and can be grown either inside or outdoors, has a magnificent crimson color. It is a plant that is very resistant to disease and produces abundant fruit. It is a fruit that is almost completely devoid of seeds, making it ideal for making sauces.

Sungold F1

– Indeterminate.

They bear fruit in around sixty days.

This plant does well when grown outside; it produces little fruits that are orange-yellow in color and are very tasty. It is a worthy competitor to the gardeners’ joy variety. It is not susceptible to infection by the tobacco virus.


– Indeterminate

This plant will produce fruit in around sixty days.

This fruit is about the size of a medium apple and has a nice appearance. It is great for adding color to salads. It has a wonderful taste and has a color scheme of red and orange stripes. It bears fruit at an early stage in the season. It has a high rate of production, and it is simple to cultivate either outdoors or in a greenhouse.

Tumbling Tom: Red Or Yellow

This plant will produce fruit in around sixty days.

As you may have guessed, the color of these varieties of tomatoes can range from bright red to golden yellow, and it all depends on which tomato seeds you use. They work well in baskets and other containers provided they are free to roll about within. Cherry fruits in large quantities are produced by the plants. Indoor plant cultivation may begin as early as January and continue through March, while outdoor plant cultivation can begin in March and continue through April.

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