What Drought Resistant & Heat Tolerant Trees to Plant?

If you live in a region that is only moderately supplied with water, you probably already know better than anyone else that one of the factors that determines whether or not a tree lives or dies is your capacity to provide it with an adequate amount of water. When purchasing a tree, a surprising number of individuals don’t give this consideration any thought at all. They will just choose the tree that has the most appealing appearance, and then they will lament the fact that they cannot provide it with more water. If you put some thought into it before you go out to get a tree, you should be able to identify trees that are able to make due with less water if you follow the advice in the previous sentence.

In most cases, the plants that are native to an area are the ones that are the most adaptive. When there is a severe lack of water in an area, the only plants that tend to make it through are the ones that have always been there. This is especially true if you reside in such an area. This is due to the fact that they have been used to the surroundings and are aware of how to live. Simply take a drive around the areas of your city that have not been built and observe the kind of trees that are still green. Discover their names, and then purchase them. Even though they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing trees, you will almost never need to make any adjustments to the soil in order to encourage them to thrive.

One of the trees known as the “Scotch Pine” is able to thrive in practically any environment without requiring a significant amount of water. Not only does it have a very high growth rate of at least 20 inches each year, but it is also resistant to drought and may grow extremely quickly. It is quite simple to establish, and its height may range anywhere from 25 to 35 feet at maturity. These trees may be purchased from the majority of nurseries, particularly in regions with a lower average annual precipitation. There are a great many different kinds to choose from. The fact that many turn a hue somewhere between yellow and brown throughout the winter months is often the factor that causes some individuals to despise them while other people like them. There are, however, variants available that do not exhibit this characteristic.

The Rocky Mountain Juniper is a tree that is known for its remarkable resilience and ease of cultivation. In the winter, its bark takes on a darker brown hue, and in the late spring, it regains its vibrant appearance. Due to the fact that they are so durable, they are usually used in the role of windbreaks. These trees are also an excellent choice if you want to encourage a wide variety of bird species to make their home in your yard. They provide excellent branches on which to build a nest. The Rocky Mountain Juniper, in contrast to other similarly hardy plants, does not grow nearly as quickly as the others. It averages out to fewer than 10 inches each year at this pace.

The Russian Olive is widely considered to be one of the most successful drought-resistant tree species. This tree is magnificent, and as it reaches its full size, it will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention. It will grow to a height of 20 or 25 feet when it is completely mature, and it has a more ornamental appearance than the trees that were discussed before. They are able to flourish in practically any kind of soil, and the berries that they produce draw in a variety of avian species.

As you can see, even if you have restricted access to water, you still have a lot of choices. There are many others that I have not named, and it is possible that, in your region, you may be able to locate a kind that is more to your liking. If you do a search on Google for hardy plants that are able to live in your region, you should get a long list of options to choose from. If you are unable to discover that list, you may just walk outdoors and see what is thriving at the moment. That is the most reliable indicator of what it is that you should purchase.

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