When To Plant Tomatoes: Planting Notes For Both Indoors And Outdoors 2021

Tomato Plants can be grown anywhere anytime if you have the right conditions however many of the tomato growing enthusiasts are not that fortunate and are stuck with our often quite unpredictable weather especially here in the UK.

If you want to know when to plant tomato seeds then they can be sown during February to no later than April indoors. If you are fortunate to have the room and can accommodate more seed trays then you can get ahead and sow two crops by sowing one earlier than the other.

If you do not have any room indoors then you can plant an outdoor crop in April which should begin to produce a crop around August. Times of tomato cropping do tend to vary depending on the variety so you will need to check on the seed packaging. If you would like to have an early and a late crop you can always plant one lot of seeds at a two week interval or if you would prefer to have two different types of tomato plant select differing seed types there are so many to choose from I always decide to take this option.

When to Plant Tomatoes

  • If you have a warm room with a sunny windowsill behind double glazing this is an ideal place to start your seeds.
  • It is a good idea not to have extremes of temperature as the seeds germinate much better under controlled conditions.
  • Young tomato plants should be planted out after the last frosts have finished, now in the UK that is like having a magical crystal ball that you can predict the weather. I know that sounds vague and not as helpful as you might like but it is the best I can do. After being caught out on more than one occasion much to my dismay, I am more cautious now and do not even try to plant outside until mid-May and sometimes as late as the middle of June. I think that playing on the safer side is better than losing your already quite well-developed plants.

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